On October 31, 1984 I was sitting next to my brother in our Halloween masks waiting for a photo to be taken of us.

The camera was my dad's Kodak 110, my brother was wearing his sparkly silver alien mask, we stood in front of our TV that was tuned into channel 9 and on the TV was the host of decor that had been filtered through our family for years--included a bizarre homemade pumpkin lamp whose origin is unknown but I tend to think that my great aunt had made it at some point in the 70s.

What I can't remember, however, is why I was wearing a c-3po mask. And as far as I know, I never like him. For me star wars was all r2d2 and ewoks-much to the dismay of my brother. I can't dispute this reality because there I am wearing it in several photos in an era before Photoshop was even dreamed of.